Slow down.
And taste the joys of life

Bike restaurant, ciclofficina, shop

OsteriaCheBici is a place but also a philosophy

The circle is our element.

OsteriaCheBici brings together different people of different age to create a pleasant atmosphere.
The idea of the circle is not only related to the wheels of the bicycle; it is a metaphor for a sustainable, harmonic and ethic attitude towards life, which embraces, reunites and welcomes everyone.
We try to reflect this circular philosophy in every aspect of our business: from the local and international food to the recycled fittings, from the events we organize, which meet different requirements and tastes, to the friendly and passionate attitude that we adopt every day. Because, through hospitality, we want to connect to the world. And to you first.


The origins of the name.

OsteriaCheBici is a word play. 'Osteria', in Italian, is not only a tavern, it is also an exclamation of the Romagna vernacular, "osteria!"- "ostia!", which is used to express astonishment and amazement.
So, the name means both "The Bike Tavern" or "Gee, What a Bike!". We wanted to stress our passion and love for the bicycle because if you cycle, life flows slower and you can enjoy every single moment without missing anything out.

Bicycle Restaurant, Bicycle repair shop, Shop

We have a multiple personality and this is our main strength.

We are many things together, many spokes of that same round familiar wheel. The idea originates from a journey Hygge-style we took up North. Hygge is a Danish and Norwegian word for a mood of cosiness and comfortable conviviality with feelings of wellness and contentment; something you want to share with your friends and family. In 2015 we created our hygge-style place in Pesaro.

It's the right place for bike lovers, but also for those who want to slow down, take it easy and enjoy the beauties of life.

Premises and colours: that's what you will find

OsteriaCheBici is a restaurant and a wine bar with a selection of the best Italian and foreign wines. We organize many live music events and dinners for special occasions. OsteriaCheBici is also a place where you can arrive by bike, park it inside and also repair it if you need to. We provide tools, pumps and a bike messenger service (Urbico).
The internal colours are blue and red, recalling the colours of the old bicycle repair shops. The chandeliers have been shaped with the intersection of 8 bike frames, the suspended ceiling consists of a red net containing beer and wine carton boxes, and the big old fans at the front come from a junk dealer. The internal seats have been created by nailing a recycled wheel to a dentist's stool, and the external seats have been arranged like bicycle chain-links.

Right, we said from the start that we love bikes!

He loves me… He loves me not

Find out if OsteriaCheBici is the right place for you.

Cyclers love us. Here, they find an unusual location where they can meet other bike lovers, exchange opinions, tips and gears, and repair their bicycles. We also organise dedicated events.
Families love us. In our premises there is an area entirely dedicated to kids, where they can paint and play freely while their parents enjoy some music and a beer. We also have an open space at the back within a small park, easily accessible by bike.
Young people and music lovers love us. Every week, we organise many different events such as live music gigs, art exhibitions, magic nights with a tarot reader, and language exchange meetups where people can come and improve their language skills by speaking to natives of other countries while drinking a glass of wine or a beer. All events are held either inside or outside.
Food lovers love us because our food is truly delicious! But we are biased, why don't you come and taste it yourself?

Eat well to live well.

We blend different food styles using local products, beers and wines.

OsteriaCheBici is a tavern and the dishes are simple and delicious. As the idea comes from the many journeys we have taken around the world, you can taste mouth-watering appetizers and main courses, which are a fusion of international food styles combined with our local products.

We put on the dish only selected quality food. And in the glass? We have more than 150 different kinds of both Italian and foreign wines and orange wines, and more than 20 types of beer: Italian, German, English and Belgian. Are you not convinced, yet? Right, maybe that's because we have saved the dessert for last. Come and visit us to taste it.

Genuine Food

Local and foreign recipes. Open for lunch and dinner. Home Delivery service.

Bicycle lovers

Bike point, furniture, events, stop-off for travelling cyclists, bicycle lovers and tourists.

Kids friendly

A space created for you to relax while your kids play.

Lots of Music

Live music but also travel accounts and cultural events.

Strike a pose!
Come and visit us: we are in Pesaro city centre near Porta Rimini. When you see a big bicycle chain on the pavement, it's us!

Via del Governatore, 33
Viale della Liberazione, snc
61121 Pesaro (PU)


11:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m

5.00 p.m. - 12 p.m.

Monday closed.


If you have any further questions about the menu, the events, or us; or if you just want to say "hi", please drop us a line. We might not be able to see your handwriting or smell the paper anymore, but we still love to receive emails.